Capturing the Expressive Qualities of the Alla Prima Portrait - 4 day advanced class

Full ( wait list only )

Jan 25 - 28th 2016

Scottsdale Artist School , Scottsdale AZ

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Putney, Vermont - 4 Day Intensive Workshop

May 9-12th 2016

$600 + $45 model fee

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During this informative four-day workshop, Michelle will lecture, demonstrate her painting techniques and provide one-on-one instruction as students paint from life. The class will focus on Alla Prima painting, covering everything, from composition and color mixing to more advanced techniques such as color temperature which gives the visual illusion of the subject receding or coming forward in space.

The beautiful intricacies of edges and brushwork will be a main focus as a way to lead the eye through the composition, making punctuations in paint and resting spots for the eye. This tool can be observed in nature and portrayed in paint to evoke emotion in the painting.

The class will do three paintings over the four days. A figure painting, a head study and a two-day pose that covers advanced techniques for capturing a likeness and placing the sitter in an environment.

Michelle will also do a slideshow of her work, including step-by-step photographs of her more elaborate finished studio work, while discussing things to keep in mind when taking a study back into the studio to make a completed work for the gallery.


Putney, Vermont - 4 Day Intensive Workshop

Oct 10-13th 2016

$600 + $45 model fee

To register, please email Michelle

Description the same as May workshop above.


Photos by Christa Meola

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